Behaviour Gap

Addressing Behaviour gap through intelligent algorithms

As part of our ongoing series in understanding traders’ behaviour, we reviewed Carl Richards’s book Behaviour Gap. Part 1 and Part 2. Here are some points picked from what the book’s readers said about the book. The core premise is: Managing your financial affairs is nothing more than using common sense and the avoidance of […]

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Investment lessons from Mahabharata

“Dharme Charthe ch-kaame ch-mokshe ch-bharatarshabh Yadi ehasti tadanyatra yan nehasti na tadkwaachit” , said the sage Vaishampayana, a disciple of Veda Vyasa. The Mahabharata is an evergreen epic and the viewership of the latest Star Plus version is testimony to its timelessness. It has an absorbing, complex plot with great twists, multi-faceted characters and strong […]

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