Behaviour Gap

Addressing Behaviour gap through intelligent algorithms

As part of our ongoing series in understanding traders’ behaviour, we reviewed Carl Richards’s book Behaviour Gap. Part 1 and Part 2. Here are some points picked from what the book’s readers said about the book. The core premise is: Managing your financial affairs is nothing more than using common sense and the avoidance of […]

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Shop display

Dopamine and shopper’s high: Your wallet’s frenemy?

Stressful day at work? What’s your escape mantra? Cupcakes? Shopping? There’s a high chance you decide to go shopping and also treat yourself to that cupcake. After all when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. Buying stuff for yourself cheers you up and gives you that much needed high. If you’ve ever experienced […]

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money and emotions

The strange game of money and emotions

“Show me the moneyyy”!! Some of you may remember this famous line from the Hollywood flick, Jerry Maguire. Money and emotions share a strange bond. People tend to weave a rather ‘uncomfortably comfortable’ arrangement with money when it comes to personal relationships. The long going debate of whether money is important or the emotions has […]

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