Riches of ancient India

Yesterday while luxuriously enjoying my cup of coffee (Yes!! This is indeed a luxury worth mentioning, especially when you have two busy toddlers at home), I happened to flip through all the Aadi sale offers in the newspaper. Most of them were jewellery ads offering huge discounts. Out of all these, one particular ad caught […]

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Book review – Deep Risk by William Bernstein

Today, we review an important book by William Bernstein – Deep Risk: How History Informs Portfolio Design. William is a renowned writer who covers Asset allocation, practical tips for DIY investors and economic history. All his books are fascinating reads and Deep Risk in particular covers an aspect which is crucial to us at Fundexpert […]

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Investment lessons from Mahabharata

“Dharme Charthe ch-kaame ch-mokshe ch-bharatarshabh Yadi ehasti tadanyatra yan nehasti na tadkwaachit” , said the sage Vaishampayana, a disciple of Veda Vyasa. The Mahabharata is an evergreen epic and the viewership of the latest Star Plus version is testimony to its timelessness. It has an absorbing, complex plot with great twists, multi-faceted characters and strong […]

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