Behaviour Gap

Addressing Behaviour gap through intelligent algorithms

As part of our ongoing series in understanding traders’ behaviour, we reviewed Carl Richards’s book Behaviour Gap. Part 1 and Part 2. Here are some points picked from what the book’s readers said about the book. The core premise is: Managing your financial affairs is nothing more than using common sense and the avoidance of […]

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Mutual fund

Stocks or Mutual funds? Our views.

Every literate person in India has heard of the word ‘Sensex’. They know Dalal Street and the stock market. The newspapers carry articles regularly about the stock markets. Atleast when the market crashes, most of us get to know. There are a lot of mental images we associate with the stock market. Stocks offer the […]

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Book review – Deep Risk by William Bernstein

Today, we review an important book by William Bernstein – Deep Risk: How History Informs Portfolio Design. William is a renowned writer who covers Asset allocation, practical tips for DIY investors and economic history. All his books are fascinating reads and Deep Risk in particular covers an aspect which is crucial to us at Fundexpert […]

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Gold Rest-Estate Stocks

To gold or not to gold? How Indians are changing the way they invest

Indian Investors’ Change Of Heart Investment habits of Indians have been going through a transformation lately. Individuals are going against conventional wisdom when it comes to investing their personal savings and preferring financial assets over physical assets. This phenomenon is being widely reported by financial planners all over the country. Definitions: Financial Assets:   Direct […]

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