Kabali Fever at Traderscockpit

AirAsia-Kabali Flight

AirAsia-Kabali Flight

If Rajinikanth was a stock, we would all rush to own the stock.
The IPO would be a billion times over subscribed.
Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai alike would rush to buy the stock.

The Govt will have to create a separate stock market to trade that single stock. .

It would have its own rules for opening and closing prices.
Bulls and bears wouldn’t affect it – not even the box office reports.
Special Milk abhishekam will be offered for the stock whenever a Rajinikanth movie releases.
All major indices would start following this stock even the Dow Jones.
Rupee and Dollar price will be decided based on this stock.

Rajinikanth alone will decide the price movement of the stock 🙂
Warren Buffet would go mad trying to predict the movement of this stock.
All other stocks would stop trading when a Rajinikanth movie releases! They would temporarily cease to exist.

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