retirement crisis

Changing family structure and pending financial crisis

If you watched Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report last week, you might have taken note of the fact that Global internet users growth has flatlined except in India! With 277 Millions users and 40% growth, this is massive. It’s no surprise then that the E-Commerce industry has finally taken off in India, backed by better […]

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Book review – Deep Risk by William Bernstein

Today, we review an important book by William Bernstein – Deep Risk: How History Informs Portfolio Design. William is a renowned writer who covers Asset allocation, practical tips for DIY investors and economic history. All his books are fascinating reads and Deep Risk in particular covers an aspect which is crucial to us at Fundexpert […]

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Fundexpert Robo advisor

Afraid of investing? Robo is here to help!

One of the main stressors in life is saving and financial planning. Most of us postpone and never start financial planning or we invest randomly. There are people who let their money lie idle in the bank because they are confused by the terms and choices. Another class is too risk averse to invest anywhere. […]

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Watch parts

10 things to imbibe from the lives of successful people

In this age of instant gratification, ‘get rich quick’ guides are a dime a dozen and everyone has an opinion on how it should be done. What self-made billionaires around the world know, however, is that there is more to wealth than mere gimmicks or ‘hacks’. For starters, every globally successful individual believes in the […]

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Shop display

Dopamine and shopper’s high: Your wallet’s frenemy?

Stressful day at work? What’s your escape mantra? Cupcakes? Shopping? There’s a high chance you decide to go shopping and also treat yourself to that cupcake. After all when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. Buying stuff for yourself cheers you up and gives you that much needed high. If you’ve ever experienced […]

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Friday Fun – We can all fly!

Sometimes, we’d all like to fly, don’t we? Here are some cheerful animations, which we personally love! No matter what obstacles come your way, keep the spirits high!                                                                                  That is exactly how people have achieved their ambitions. With a little tweaking and “redefining” we can all fly buddy!

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Zen Buddha

Zen and the art of being content

Money (or rather the desire for money) and contentment often don’t quite go together 🙁 We wish to change that. What we’ll aim to do is, give you a well rounded picture of life so that we all transcend Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and reach the peak. With that goal in mind, here’s a beautiful […]

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