Friday Fun – We can all fly!

Sometimes, we’d all like to fly, don’t we? Here are some cheerful animations, which we personally love! No matter what obstacles come your way, keep the spirits high!                                                                                  That is exactly how people have achieved their ambitions. With a little tweaking and “redefining” we can all fly buddy!

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Zen Buddha

Zen and the art of being content

Money (or rather the desire for money) and contentment often don’t quite go together 🙁 We wish to change that. What we’ll aim to do is, give you a well rounded picture of life so that we all transcend Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and reach the peak. With that goal in mind, here’s a beautiful […]

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Investment lessons from Mahabharata

“Dharme Charthe ch-kaame ch-mokshe ch-bharatarshabh Yadi ehasti tadanyatra yan nehasti na tadkwaachit” , said the sage Vaishampayana, a disciple of Veda Vyasa. The Mahabharata is an evergreen epic and the viewership of the latest Star Plus version is testimony to its timelessness. It has an absorbing, complex plot with great twists, multi-faceted characters and strong […]

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Gold Rest-Estate Stocks

To gold or not to gold? How Indians are changing the way they invest

Indian Investors’ Change Of Heart Investment habits of Indians have been going through a transformation lately. Individuals are going against conventional wisdom when it comes to investing their personal savings and preferring financial assets over physical assets. This phenomenon is being widely reported by financial planners all over the country. Definitions: Financial Assets:   Direct […]

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money and emotions

The strange game of money and emotions

“Show me the moneyyy”!! Some of you may remember this famous line from the Hollywood flick, Jerry Maguire. Money and emotions share a strange bond. People tend to weave a rather ‘uncomfortably comfortable’ arrangement with money when it comes to personal relationships. The long going debate of whether money is important or the emotions has […]

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Save or Invest

To save or To invest – that’s the question!

Saving and investment patterns of people around the world have gone through rapid changes in the last decade. Higher disposable incomes, more avenues for entertainment, a culture of instant gratification and changes induced by the social media have rewired the way we think of money and savings. Today, there is better access to financial planning […]

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Mutual Fund commandments

10 Commandments for investing in Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are a good investment option, especially for those with limited knowledge, time and money. Though Mutual Funds account for a mere 3% of the total market cap as against 22% of direct stock holding by individual investors in India, retail investors have developed trust and comfort level with Mutual funds and the mutual […]

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First step

Pehla Kadam

The firsts in our life leave everlasting footprints. First crush, first win, our first pay slip, the first home, the first big goofup at work – all of these sometimes shape our beliefs and who we are, in very unconscious ways. That’s why in India there are a lot of rituals and worshipping surrounding the […]

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