Zen and the art of being content

Money (or rather the desire for money) and contentment often don’t quite go together 🙁

We wish to change that. What we’ll aim to do is, give you a well rounded picture of life so that we all transcend Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and reach the peak.

With that goal in mind, here’s a beautiful story about contentment worth sharing with you.

There were some Zen people who lived on one side of a river. On the other side of the river, there was another village. They could see light; they could see smoke; they could hear talking and shouting, but they could not see the people. The people at the other village seemed to party quite a lot. The Zen folks at this side of the river could feel life, but they did not really know who stayed on the other side. These people lived on one side of the river for decades and never thought of going to the other side and finding out who was living there or what was happening there.

Guess why? They did have boats! It’s not for the lack of transportation means that they did not cross the river. You’ll be surprised to know why. They would get up every morning, go about their chores, work, socialize and make merry – their days were so fantastic that they never found the time or longing to go see who those other folks were! Their days were filled with so much joy and contentment that they never cared for anything else!

When one is truly content inside, all comparisons drop off; insecurities fade; our habit to show off vanishes; fear drops off; We just focus on the things that give us maximum joy and minimize those that drain us.

At Fundexpert some of us have consciously tried it and have seen our happiness increase drastically and we really want you to try this!

  • If there are any Joneses you’re trying to keep up with, please discontinue the project or atleast put a pause.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed seeing what your colleagues are reading up or the tons of courses they are attending.
  • Finalize one work related goal and one personal goal to work on. Focus the next 6 months on just these (yes, skip the dinner invitations).
  • Make a note of the things that drain you or are real time suckers (people, activities). If it’s not really mandatory, cut them off your life. We let go of TV and newspapers and found a lot of time in hand!
  • Cut down your blog subscriptions and choose a maximum of 5 blogs to read (2 is ideal). FOMO is just a concept. There is so much you’re missing out anyway. Add a few more to the list and let go. We promise you’ll feel light and less guilty!
  • Try switching off completely from social media and messaging apps atleast on weekends. We assure you, no one died when we tried that! Increased mobile usage has a unique way of interfering with peace and deep sleep. Anyway nothing interesting is circulating on social media these days. So take a break!
  • Try to meditate 5 – 10 minutes a day, preferrably first thing in the morning. It sets a nice tone for the day.

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